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Pivot - Enabling Innovation in Agriculture: Bashford-Nicholls Trust - Massey University Premier Research Award
Award Amount
Maximum value $100,000 per annum


About the 
Pivot - Enabling Innovation in Agriculture:  Bashford-Nicholls Trust - Massey University Premier Research Award 

The Pivot - Enabling Innovation in Agriculture:  Bashford-Nicholls Trust - Massey University Premier Research Award (Pivot Award) offers an opportunity to realise the remarkable potential of the agricultural sector in Taranaki, to help Taranaki communities flourish.  The Pivot Award supports research projects or research translation initiatives with the potential to influence the future of agriculture and/or veterinary science and effect change in the Taranaki region. 

The Pivot - Enabling Innovation in Agriculture:  Bashford-Nicholls Trust - Massey University Premier Research Award is a joint initiative between the Bashford-Nicholls Trust and Massey University.  The award was launched in 2019, with the first projects to be funded from late 2019.  It has a focus on researchers working alongside stakeholders to undertake research and/or to apply the findings of research, in order to create change for communities, businesses, industries and/or the environment in the Taranaki region.

Note to applicants:  While applications are usually made by a team, for administrative purposes the online application process must be completed on behalf of the team by a single team member.  Details of the full team, including co-leaders, are provided in the Research Proposal and Project Plan section of the application.

You must read the Guidelines for Applicants before applying.

Application Information:

This award is for:

  • Massey University Researchers who wish to undertake research or, employ their research knowledge or expertise with an organisation, industry, community group or individual in the Taranaki region AND/OR
  • Organisations or individuals seeking to work with Massey University researchers, to develop economic, social or environmental benefit for the Taranaki region.
Preference will be given to applicants with a strong personal or professional attachment to the Taranaki region and a demonstrated ability to deliver positive economic, social or environmental outcomes from their research.  The intention is that all members of the team will be based within New Zealand, however consideration will be given to teams that include international experts.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, applicant teams must comprise at least 50% Massey University researchers, as follows:

  • current employees of Massey University (including postdoctoral scholars) employed at greater than 0.5 FTE AND/OR
  • postgraduate students enrolled at Massey University at greater than 0.5 FTE or greater than half the full time credit requirement.

Project eligibility criteria

To be eligible, the proposed research project must:

  • contribute to achieving one or more of the three Award outcomes noted below;
  • be designed so as to be completed within one year from the date funding is awarded;
  • outline a programme of activities commensurate with the value of the Award (between $50,000 and $100,000);
  • achieve outcomes that would not occur without the Award,  AND
  • not provide a private benefit to the applicant or any members of the applicant team, except in the form of a payment for research time and/or stipend.

Award Outcomes

Applications must demonstrate how the project will contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:

  1. Translation or adoption of agriculture and/or veterinary related research to the benefit of the Taranaki region.
  1. Demonstration or extension of sustainable agriculture practices that may not yet be widely adopted in the Taranaki region.  These could include practices that:
  1. have been recently developed through research;

  2. have been successful in other regions or under different conditions;

  3. will assist with managing changing conditions;

  4. will assist in the improvement of quality of life for those living and working in the Taranaki region;

  5. embrace emerging technologies;

  6. improve the capacity of Taranaki communities, including training and mentoring, AND/OR

  7. improve collaboration and communication around agriculture and/or veterinary research disciplines.

  1. Improvement of the productivity, economic, environmental or social potential of the agricultural sector in Taranaki.

Proposals which offer outcomes and impacts with potential benefit at a national and/or international level will be welcomed, where a beneficial impact to Taranaki is also demonstrated.

Begin Accepting Applications Date:
22 Jul 2020
Deadline Date (NZST Time Zone):
27 Oct 2020 9:00 AM